About this Center

Complex systems are of high economic and strategic importance for countries’ development and growth. Firstly, this importance is because development and innovation in complex systems is done in horizontal and vertical network platforms with integrator firm/network administer in the center. This would result in a great volume of economic activities and thereupon employment. Secondly, the value added of these systems is very high. Thirdly, these systems make a great contribution to countries industrial, economical, health, security, environmental infrastructures and so forth.

Currently many developed countries, such as the USA, Japan and some members of the EU, hold competitive advantage in this field. Some developing countries like Korea and China are also trying to achieve capabilities to develop and produce complex systems in order to decrease imports along with getting ahold of its global market share. On average, 10 percent of the investments made by these countries belong to complex systems.

For the past decades, Iran has been active in the value chain of less complex systems such as automobile, and has also recently started developing products in more complex systems such as defense, petrochemical, energy and etc. The complexity level of the goods produced in our country has ranked 65 internationally (Felipe et al., 2012), which indicates a huge gap in this field.

In order to build up our technological capabilities of complex systems and diminish the existing international gap, starting Center for Research in Technology and Innovation Management in Complex Industrial Systems (CRiTIMiX) was proposed and with the support of Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology, it was founded in Sharif University of Technology.

As a research center we try to:

  • Resolve current challenges related to complex systems using our prior knowledge and learnings and also undertake exploration and studies in the form of research projects.

  • Help solving Iran’s macro issues in this filed by institutionalization and forming interdisciplinary teams.

  • Train professionals in this area by providing an auspicious

This center was officially launched in August 2014. The opening ceremony was held on 3rd August 2014 in the presence of a selected number of academic and industrial elites. Opening ceremony Report